Products & Services

Products & Services

Cold Storage Facility

A Cold storage unit (refrigerated warehouse)-
We have available newly make 1500 MT storage capacity cold storage with new technology. It contains two chambers with anti chambers for pre cooling. We established our cold storage with fully equipped latest technology machines and provide positive temperature starting from 2 degree C and above. We store various products out of which some of them are as follows-

  • 1. Potatoes

  • 2. Fruits- Apple Grapes lemons Mangoes etc

  • 3. Spices – Red Chilly, Coriander, turmeric, Jeera, Ajwaine, Dalchini, Black Peeper etc

  • 4. Amla, Mango Slices, Amola

  • 5. Dry fruits

  • 6. Dyes & Chemicals

  • 7. Some dairy products which required positive temperature.

  • 8. All other items which is suitable for cold storages

  • 9. Dry Mint, dry Mango (Amchoor ), Tamaring (Emali)

  • 10. Dates.

  • 11. Mahuwa.

We are also using Eco- Friendly gases to save our environment.

Warehouse Facility

We have also available space of Non cold items i.e. warehouse for storing the items like grains coconuts pashu ahar etc. we have available covered space around 2800 sq ft on Kota Main Road for storing non cold items. This place is near to Bhilwara city and near to Krishi Upaj Mandi and it will take hardly 10 Minutes from Vehicle. We have also available for loading and unloading facility for such goods and we store various products out of which some of them are as follows-

  • 1. Coconut

  • 2. Grains & cereals

  • 3. Cattle feed

  • 4. All other agriculture commodities

Transport Service

We provide the transportation service to our clients for shifting of goods from cold storage to other places and from our warehouse to mandi as and when they require. In this sector we are planning to provide such service from our own vehicles. And we are in the process for acquire trucks and Refrigerated Van in near future.

Exports & Dealership

  • 1. Exporter of agriculture commodities.

  • 2. Export and Trade in fruits and vegetables.

  • 3. Export and Trader of dry fruits.

  • 4. Export and Trader of spices like red chilly coriander turmeric.

Textile Machinery

Since 1985 one of our management team members Mr. Vinod Kumar Jain is engaged in the business of textile. The business was started in the name of their proprietorship concern “ Arihant Traders” Bhilwara is the textile city and he is having experience of 31 years in this field. Mainly deals in textile machines and spare parts. He also having agency of various compressor and machine suppliers like-

Weaving Machinery -

  • 1. Deals in all kind of textile machinery like weaving processing and spinning.-

    Our group deal in all kind of textile machinery both used and new in weaving sector like Hand Looms, Shuttle Less Looms, Projectile Looms Rapier Looms, Air Jet Looms, Sulzer, Water Jet Looms, Multi Phase Looms, Ruti –B, Ruti C, Simco etc

Processing Machine

Our group deal in textile processing Machine of textiles both used and new-

  • 1. Super Jumbo Jigger

  • 2. Chainless Merceriser

  • 3. Superjigg Hydraulic Jigger

  • 4 High Pressure Cylinder Drying Range

  • 5. C.P. Dyeing Machine

  • 6. Polymerising Machine

  • 7. Open Width Washer

  • 8. Hot Air Stenter

  • 9. Controlled Compressive Shrinking Range

  • 10. Texshrink Relax Dryer

  • 11. Softfeel Surface Finish Machine

  • 12. Flexible Roll Padder

  • 13. Other Products

Spinning Machine

Our group deals in all kind of spinning machines both old and new-

  • 1. Hopper bale opener or Bale plucker.

  • 2. Step clener or Ultra cleaner or super cleaner.

  • 3. Verticle / Twine opener or cleaner.

  • 4 Hopper feeder.

  • 5. Porcupine opener.

  • 6. Kirschner beater.

  • 7. Cotton cleaner.

  • 8. R.N. beater.

  • 9. S.R.R.L. beater.

  • 10. Mono cylinder beater.

  • 11. Scutcher.

  • 12. Carding machine.

  • 13. Drawing Frame.

  • 14. Lap former.

  • 15. Comber machine.

  • 16. Simplex.

  • 17. Ring Frame.

  • 18. Cone winding machine/Auto coner.